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Tailored & Originals combines heritage and contemporary tailoring in a modern and sophisticated look. Let retro meet future - and mix colours in a new, exciting way!

Poetic License is the main theme in the new collection from the Danish men’s wear brand Tailored & Originals. The collection embraces heritage, quality and contemporary tailoring.

The poetic dandy dresses in classic silhouettes re-interpreted in new materials and prints to achieve a modern and refined look. Brocade and floral prints from the past are translated into new details with a strong commercial appeal. Vintage-inspired prints - scaled-up or in micro size – are mixed with motives from the nature.

Brushed twill and checks are extremely important trends for this season. These elements express the retro allure of the theme in a totally modern way.
Colours are combined to let the past meet the future.

Sharing a range of basic colours - from the navy and grey shades to the neutral and natural earth colours - the black and white capsules are both characterized by more specific tones. The two different colour groups emphasize that each line has a strong and distinguished character of its own.

The black capsule is defined by a more dressed-up and tailored look stressed by colours such as the rich Port Royale, deep petrol and a polish blue. The white capsule has a more casual approach to the concept of tailoring. A palette of deep forest greens, honey tones, camel and tobacco spiced up with clear Atlantic blue and ruby red defines the line.

Tailored & Originals presents a brand new fashion pant concept for Autumn 2018! The new model incorporates the tailored look with the extreme comfort of a flexible and ultra soft knitted fabric.

Shirts continue to be a must for Tailored & Originals. For this season the shirts are

re-interpreted in new styles and qualities introducing for instance slightly brushed twill fabric.
Knitwear become a little bit chunkier in some styles, and woolen qualities emphasize the opening of the cold season. T-shirts and sweats in mainly pure cotton are either with placement print or All Over Print.

Comfy Tailored & Originals outerwear keeps you warm and stylish in wintertime.


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